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Let’s face it, silverfish are a pest we can easily do without, especially those of us with book collections and such that silverfish seem to dearly love. But what is a kind of good silverfish repellent?

There are a number of normal household substances that are used as repellents for this vile insect. One of these is said to be cucumber peelings, which can be spread along the baseboards where silverfish have been seen. Another natural product that has been used as a natural repellent has been cloves. You simply take a small bag and add cloves to it and lay it where silverfish have been noticed. Most people place such a tiny bag of cloves in each corner of a room.

Still another repellent is known as costmary, it is a perennial herb that is sometimes called a “Bible leaf.” It features a long leaf with a minty odor that is said to keep silverfish out of Bibles, thus why it is called a Bible leaf. It is frequently referred to as a medieval herb because it was used regularly in medieval times to cover bad scents.

Now we have a new kind of silverfish repellent, this being ultrasonic technology. In theory, what happens is that the pest repellent supposedly emits a very high-pitched sound, which humans cannot hear but pests do, and it is said that they will hear a very unpleasant, disorienting, and loud sound that sends them on their way. In addition it is said to also use electromagnetic technology, which will irritate the nervous system of the silverfish.

That’s not all, it also hypothetically uses ions to put out negative ions similar to an approaching storm, causing silverfish to go elsewhere, as well as neutralizing the odors in your home thereby deflecting pests. Evidently it is a new kind of repellent for silverfish.