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Do Silverfish Bite?

Actually silverfish are a very common insect that will infest homes. They feed on items that are found in your home such as paper items. Ordinarily they are found in bathrooms or under kitchen sinks and in your laundry room because they especially enjoy moist environments. They like to eat, among many items, mold and mildew. People wonder do silverfish bite, and the answer is that they do not straightforwardly harm humans that they live with and are not equipped with the physical apparatus that enable them to bite you, but they definitely are considered pests because they cause damage to your belongings especially if there is an infestation of them in a home.

Silverfish are very small ordinarily measuring between ¼ to ½ inch long and feature iridescent silvery scales. The way that they move along is by moving their tails back and forth reminiscent of a fish out of water, and thus they inherited the name fish in their own names.

Do not misunderstand, they can chew and chew they do. They love chewing paper goods, especially old paper, various items of clothing, and wallpaper. They also invade your food items, and love flour and sugary items. Thus some of their favorite foods are sugary cereal and other flour containing items. They also love starch in clothes made of rayon or cotton, and find moist wheat flour delectable.

The insects are small and are very flat, thus they can slip unnoticed in the seams of your wallpaper, in cupboards and within drawers. The corner crevices of under sink storage cabinets are common living situations for them. They are active in nighttime, thus it is highly possible to have them in your home and be totally unaware of their presence.

Doing away with their food sources is one way to diminish silverfish, thus keep your home as moisture free as possible, taking care of any leaks immediately including leaks from air conditioners, or a leaky roof. This will maintain your home from acquiring mold and mildew, which is a food source for them.

Put important papers in airtight containers, as well as cookies, sugar, flour, cereals and other grains. These cupboard foods are very attractive to silverfish.

Because they thrive best in a damp environment, utilize dehumidifiers if necessary or even heaters with fans to keep your rooms dry. In addition keep in mind all points of entry, be they cracks in your wallboard, or holes made specifically for water and electrical piping. Block those with some sort of expandable sealants made of silicone for a watertight seal. If water cannot breach that seal, then you know for sure that silverfish cannot breach it either. Other seals may be constructed by using concrete, especially around pipes that go from floor to floor. You may also wish to block your basement drains by using screens though silverfish can fit into very tight spaces due to their flat countenance.