"100 Percent Natural Solution to Completely eliminate silverfish From your home in as little as 6 days..."
I have cracked the code to permanent silverfish control and if you give me
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Thursday 5:37 PM
From: Cliff Stanfield

Dear Friend,

If you’ve ever had a silverfish infestation - like I did - you know how frustrating it is.

These nasty little things get into EVERYTHING

They eat clothes, plants and food (they lay eggs in food too!)… and worse… they will eat the glue behind wallpaper, which will cost you THOUSANDS to fix…


But I Have Good (and Bad) News for You...

The bad news is that if you have silverfish in your home already, it’s going to get worse… much worse.

You see, adult silverfish reproduce on a MASSIVE scale…

For every ONE female silverfish in your home, you can expect another 50-100 more silverfish to come from her alone…

…and from every one of those 50-100 eggs, at least 30-60 will be females, which means each of those will lay another 50-100 eggs…

So in a very short period of time, you can have THOUSANDS of these horrible pests.

Ugh! Just imagine...

Thousands of Parasitic Silverfish

Crawling Around In Your Home

I still remember the feeling of horror when I pulled out a silverfish from my daughter's clothing. They are just the most disgusting creatures you can imagine.

I used to lie awake at night, knowing they were all through the house… laying their crusty little eggs in the food my daughter and I ate.

I was sick of feeling embarrassed when guests came over, sick of trying to hide the marks on the wallpaper and the dead bugs we would find around the home.

I tried everything, including calling an exterminator. They were happy to take my money (nearly three hundred bucks!) and spray their poison, but the relief was only temporary. The silverfish were back in just a few weeks. You would think the exterminators would offer some sort of guarantee, right? Ha!

Now For The Good News!

Purely by accident, I stumbled upon a NEVER BEFORE SEEN natural remedy. I'll tell you more about it in a moment, but first, let me tell you what this doesn’t involve:

  • Harmful pesticides or chemicals

  • Throwing away your clothing or other belongings

  • Hiring a professional exterminator

  • Rummaging throughout your house trying to kill individual silverfish

All the Traditional Methods Either Flat

Out Do Not Work or Are a Threat

to Your Family's Health.

Here's the thing that most exterminators won't tell you…

The FDA (in a 2009 press release) declared that many chemicals used in household exterminations leave “Unsatisfactory levels of carcinogenic risk.”

In other words, these chemicals can make your family sick and may even cause cancer!

And worst of all, their poisons only kill most of the silverfish. Some of these little buggers have developed a degree of resistance to various chemicals and will survive the process, only to produce offspring that are resistant too.

But now there’s a better way…


The Single Most Effective, Safe, & All

Natural Method to Unleashing Hell

on Silverfish is...


Now let me be honest with you: this isn’t as fast as drowning your house in poison and it’ll take a few days before you start getting results.

But it’s SAFE for your family and it works for months and months.

This is so easy that even a simpleton like myself (ha ha) was able to use it with just supplies from around the home.

Once I started telling family and friends about my discovery, word began to spread quickly. People were really interested and I even got interviewed in a community publication.

Soon I had dozens of people emailing me every day asking for advice. Before I knew it, I’d become kinda FAMOUS (locally, of course) for my silverfish secret.

I couldn’t keep up with everyone’s questions so I put together…

A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Curing

Your Silverfish Infestation..."

Here is what you'll get instant access to in "Silverfish Control Secrets Revealed" :

  • Silverfish control secrets compiled and found only in this guide.

  • An explanation of the root causes of chronic silverfish infestation in your home ... and what you NEED to do about it.

  • *WARNING* Two things you should NEVER do when trying to get rid of a silverfish infestation (that will actually make it worse.)

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to quickly eradicate a silverfish infestation.

  • 2 little-known, simple yet effective designs for homemade silverfish traps that work!

  • How to quickly spot problem areas in your home, such as access or hiding points, and how to fix them immediately.

  • 6 time-tested and proven strategies to prevent a future silverfish infestation in your home.

  • 7 of the best chemical-free alternatives to get rid of silverfish FAST!

Is This Right For Me?

"Silverfish Control Secrets Revealed" is the perfect solution for ANY silverfish infestation. Here's why:

  • The method does not require using ANY chemicals or pesticides. It is 100% safe for children, pets, and everyone in the home.

  • It requires no pest control experience. Everything is explained clearly.

  • Not only will you get rid of silverfish, but some of the actions will actually help you conserve energy and save money.

  • It works on any species of silverfish and in any geographic location.

What Everyday People Are

Saying About This Program ...

-- All Emails are on Record--(Original transcripts...may contain grammatical errors)

“This has saved me around 1000 bucks...”

Hi there,

This is just an email to say THANK YOU for helping me out so much. For the last year or so I’ve really struggled to get rid of the silverfish at my condo.

It was truly a never ending battle with these creatures.

Now I NO longer have to pay $100 a month to get an exterminator in. This has saved me around 1000 bucks this year alone - and I’m so grateful.

I really appreciate it.

Josh Brandson

Victoria, Canada

“Haven't had problems with silverfish since...”

I tried out your Silverfish guide and at first I wasn’t too sure if it was the real deal.

I’ve seen so many people making big promises online; however most of them aren’t able to live up to everything they promise.

Your ebook was a breath of fresh air and I haven’t had problems with Silverfish since I applied the methods you wrote about.

Thank you,

Becky Govans

Irvine California

“Not one of these suckers in sight...”

My wife and I were very apprehensive about using chemicals to kill these silverfish; as we have children and pets.

I came across some scattered information online, but I am really glad I found this website through AOL. This was just what I was looking for.

I have only been using the methods you have provided for a few weeks, but so far... so good. (Not one of these suckers in sight!)

Thanks Bud,

Rick and Jeanette

Austin, Texas



Here’s the thing. I’m so confident that you’ll be utterly delighted by what I have put together that that I’m going to take all the risk off your shoulders with my ...

So you're probably wondering ...

How Much Does This Cost?

The answer is not nearly as much as I should be charging for this.

I asked a few of my earlier ‘students’ how much they would pay for this, given that it ELIMINATES silverfish in mere weeks. Many said upwards of $100!

But don't worry, I'm not going to charge anything close to that. Here's why: since I've made this guide downloadable, I don't have to pay for printing or shipping costs, and you get to start solving your silverfish problem right away, rather than wait a week or so to get it.

So for now, I have set the price to just $14.97 for the complete package.

But please take advantage of this low price while it lasts. As this website costs a lot of money to maintain, I will probably have to raise the price soon.

I am very proud of the value this guide offers to the public, and at a steal of a price. Here is what I mean ...





Here's something I'll do to make this the best investment possible for you to get rid of silverfish.

If you purchase right now, I will include the following as a free bonus:

*Bonus* - Silverfish Trap Guide

Low Cost and Easy Assembly.

I will walk you through these simple plans
to effectively setup and deploy different
silverfish traps.



Valued at 14.97 Yours FREE



Thirty days from now, you could be just as frustrated about having a home infested with silverfish, or you could have naturally eliminated them all!

Make the right choice.



Your Friend,

Cliff Stanfield


P.S. If you aren't 100% sure these methods will work for you, just remember that you have nothing to lose, you are backed by my risk free guarantee. If at any time within 60 days of purchase, you feel like this will not work for you, just shoot me an email and I will refund your money immediately.